Our Model

Communities In Schools – Bay Area is an in-school dropout prevention model based on six components that are provided on each CIS Campus.

The CIS Six Components Activities Guide

In addition to an evidence-based model of program service delivery, our program provides a variety of activities to meet student and campus needs.

The CIS Evidenced - Based Model

The CIS - Bay Area program is based on an evidence-based model of program service delivery.

Educational Enhancement

Tutoring is made available to students on a one-on-one basis or in group settings. Students are also given incentives to excel academically.

Counseling/Supportive Guidance

CIS case managers work regularly with students on any issue of concern. Referrals to agencies are made for extensive counseling to the students and their families.

Pre-Employment Training

Staff persons offer pre-employment education to the students. Guest speakers present career opportunities in CIS group settings.

Health and Human Services

By way of networking with other social service agencies, CIS – Bay Area helps provide food, shelter, clothing, health education and other basic life essentials for students and families.


Activities are offered throughout the year such as field trips and special events which enhance each student’s learning environment. Before and after school groups are provided to aid in self-esteem building. A summer program is also offered that is both fun and educational.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be an intricate part of their child’s development, through parenting classes, home visits and various activities.